Alena Critoph

Alena stands in front of a tree outside the registry office at RNC

Hello, my name is Alena, I am a Registrar at RNC and I have been working at the College since December 2007. I support students from their first visit through to their pre-entry assessment and to their first exciting day of term. Significant amount of my role is related to student recruitment and securing students’ funding.


What I thought when I first came to RNC

I have a background in education, but I knew this place was special straight away. I remember walking in and I could sense there was a perfect mix of real expertise and real care. It struck me as a wonderful environment to work in, and there were students everywhere enjoying themselves.


My job in a nutshell

It is all about giving potential students the quality, professional advice they need to explore their options and find the right next step in their studies or career, be it here or at another college. If RNC is their choice, I aim to help them secure the funding they will need for the courses they choose. I am, of course, one person in an amazing team. We all work together, supporting students from the day they make their first enquiry.

The toughest part of my job

For me it can be securing the funding students need, and so I work closely with local authorities and other funding bodies to that end. It feels so important when we can all see the difference a course of study could make to their lives.


The most satisfying part of my job

Securing that funding is always satisfying. But even better it is seeing students grasp the opportunity and take ownership of their own destiny. It is wonderful to see the difference the College makes to them, almost from day one. We love to hear, too, how they are doing once they have left us – to realise how well they are doing, and the part they feel the College has played.


My advice to students and their families

  • Think ahead. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • Do some research so you find the right college, and the right course, for you – so your needs are properly met at this critical time in your life.
  • There is a lot of support available, including funding and advice about options for your Further Education. Yet we still hear of families who have been told what they cannot do, what is not available – and who have not questioned that.
  • Make sure you get the correct information. If in doubt, make one more call to check the information you have been given is really correct.
  • If you are in Year 11, or already on a course that is not working for you, do not panic. There is still time to look at your options and plan ahead for a better future…


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