Barry Morris

Barry sits on a bench in the RNC woods with a camp fire and trees in the background. He is wearing his ‘DE’ Duke of Edinburgh hoodie and a woolly hat

Hello, I am Barry Morris and I am Team Leader of the Pastoral Support team. I have worked at RNC for over 18 years. I started as a Warden as we were known then (now Residential Support Officer -RSO), then set up Student Services before becoming a Pastoral Support Officer (PSO).

My last role before RNC was working with young people with severe learning difficulties and behaviours that challenge. I spent my early working career in various factories on shifts, also ran a poultry farm, before working and volunteering in care.


What do I do?

My role at RNC is split into several areas. I work as a PSO; we are responsible for meeting with a case load of students, and working with them on either key working or transition. Keyworking involves meeting with a Student one to one and working with them to set goals and objectives to work on in their time outside of lectures, this can be anything from settling into College to money management. The transition side of it, again, sets goals and objectives, but is more around the smooth transition of students from RNC to higher education, employment or independent living. The transition can involve anything from housing to accessing help back home. We also work with the ASPIRE team and between us we develop exciting activities each year which enhance the students’ skills base and awareness.

Visit the Courses pages to find out more about the ASPIRE programme


Another part of the PSO role is to develop and organise leisure activities on weekends and evenings, the list is huge, from crafts to tank driving, from bush craft to parachuting.

I am also the co-ordinator and leader of the Duke of Edinburgh Award at RNC. Here at the College we run the Bronze and Silver awards. Our achievement rate is well above the national average, and during the process, students gain lots of employability skills, and very importantly, lasting memories.

Read more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award at RNC


My life outside College

I am married with four grown up lads. I am a Herefordian, born and bred, and love my city with all its amazing history. My wife works as a Teaching Assistant in a local establishment. I am currently studying a part time Foundation Degree in Working with Young People which takes up a lot of my spare time.



I am a qualified licensed angling coach, and take students fishing whenever I can. I also coach youngsters at a local fishing pool. A few years ago, I was asked to help get a lady back into fishing by the local PCT (Primary Care Trust), after she had a bleed on her brain and lost her sight, and became a wheelchair user. Little did I know that she was an internationally respected angler who had built her own rods, and had caught fish that could eat my biggest catches for breakfast! She had given up completely, but to cut a long story short, I taught her carer and a friend to fish and now she goes independently, and as she said to me, she now has her life back.

I run the RNC angling club at the College, which also acts as a help website for the UK; and am supported financially by an angling charity;  which allows me to run  the activities for students for free.



I have been Chairman of my local rugby union club, Greyhound RFC, for 3 years, I have also become the Honorary Secretary and Safeguarding officer, as well as Minis coach, at a club that has a mens, womens and minis section and I regularly act as touch judge for matches. I am a passionate England rugby supporter as people that know me will agree!


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