Cathy Gowland

Left to right Sam H, Sam W, Cathy (hiding behind Sam W), Shammi, Maisy and Connah all pose for a photo in one of the RNC classrooms

Cathy is a PSO (Pastoral Support Officer) at the College and, despite asking on several occasions, she didn’t know what to write in a staff profile as she wouldn’t know what to say.

So the Digital Geek Squad decided they would help – in exchange for them writing her profile they were able to grill her. Here’s what they asked…

(She also said she hated having her photo taken so the photo above is of a small bit of her head, the rest of her body is hiding among the Digital Geeks)!


What is your favourite fruit?

“Random start but ok. I love all fruits, happy to try anything!”


Even an ugly fruit?

“Is there such a thing?” (After a quick Google search, it was found that yes there is indeed something called an ugly fruit. It is a citrus fruit, somewhere between a grapefruit and an orange). “In that case, yes I would try an ugly fruit!”


Why did you choose to work at RNC?

“Simple really, I thought it would be fun and it absolutely is. I am so lucky to be able to work with the students; they’re great fun, they come up with brilliant ideas and they cope with my madness. What more could I ask for?”


What did you do before you came to RNC?

“I worked with people who had profound learning difficulties; some were blind, deaf, mute and wheelchair users.”


So you’re used to working with people who have visual impairments?

“Yes, very much so. I myself have minor type one diabetes which gives me a small insight into what those with visual impairments go through. I was diagnosed with Retinopathy and have had treatment for it so as a result I cannot drive. It makes me realise how difficult access to transport is, it really makes life tough.”


Did you learn to drive when you were younger?

“Yes, I had driving lessons in my 20s but I was a very bad driver – it’s probably best I’m not on the roads anyway! During one lesson with my friend Andy, I was rolling down a hill and almost rolled into a tractor. Andy was so worried he yanked the handbrake up and it came off in his hand!”

Have you come across any challenges or barriers since working at the RNC?

“Yes one massive challenge – the computer! I’m not entirely fond of computers but have worked hard to be able to use them in a simplistic manner. Plus there are wonderful staff and students here who are always willing to help if I have a problem; this gives me a great chance to talk to people. I’m so lucky to work here; it’s a great place.”


Is there anything else you would like to say?

“Life is too short to be too serious!”


So, that’s the end of the interview. After she left, we asked our students what they thought of Cathy…

Sam W said “Mrs. Crazy but nice, and she’s very adventurous”!

Sam H said “She reminds me a bit of Wonderwoman”.

Maisy said “She’s very reliable and she always has time for you, even if she’s busy”.


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