Claire Rees

Image show the Geeks with Claire in one of the classrooms with a table in the middle and some computers behind them. Left to right – Sam W is laughing, Maisy, Sam H is pulling a silly face, Claire Rees and Connah.

Claire Rees started working at RNC in September 2014 as an IT teacher. At RNC we work with all of our students to identify the skills they have and the areas that may need development in order for them to achieve an independent working medium using IT; find out more about IT Skills at RNC.

As a relatively new member of staff, The Digital Geek Squad thought it would be a good idea to get to know Claire a bit better with their mix of interesting and completely random questions, so here’s how the interview went…


What is your favourite memory of RNC?

I’ve only been here for a few months and it’s been amazing but I’m not sure I have a favourite memory just yet. Ask me again in a couple of years!


Why RNC?

I always wanted to work in a college environment and had a lot of experience in NVQ assessing before coming here. I came to visit when my husband (Aaron Rees, Sport and Recreation teacher), was a student here so I’ve known about the place for years and he’s always had so many nice things to say about the place so it’s always seemed familiar to me.


What did you do before RNC?

I did Media Studies at university and then I wasn’t sure what to do afterwards. I became an NVQ assessor for IT, Business Admin and Customer Service both in English and in Welsh!


What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a big fan of walking and I love films, mainly comedies but I also like some scary ones. I love Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino films!


What is your favourite biscuit?

This is going to sound really boring but I like a plain Rich Tea biscuit. I normally split the biscuit in half, dunk one half in my tea and give the other half to my dog.


What shoe size are you?

Size 5


What is your favourite colour?



Can you read braille?

No, I can’t but I would love to learn, it’s such a good skill to have. I did have a go at learning with the braille team during the summer before I started but it was so hard, I know it’s an important skill to have so I will try and learn again.


Do you speak any other languages?

Yes I’m fluent in Welsh, it was my first language.


Which access technology do you prefer?

I would say I’m most comfortable with JAWS because it’s the biggest thing that I’ve had to learn and I’ve spent so much time getting to understand it. The majority of our students this year are using it so I am having much more experience with JAWS. I’ve had more problems with Supernova but I just need to spend more time with it to find out what makes it tick.


What is your favourite fruit?

Mango; it’s like sunshine in a bowl.


What is your favourite food?

I love Welsh cakes; the chocolate and chilli ones are amazing. I’m ok at cooking and I cook the things I like; pasta and fish mainly. I also love a good roast dinner!


Did you feel quickly accepted at RNC?

Yes definitely, I’d met a lot of the staff before and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The students are lovely and I really enjoy teaching them.


Lastly, please tell us one random fact about yourself.

Lots of people get my name wrong, get confused and call me Sarah!


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