Elaine Vonberg

Elaine sits at a desk in one of the classroom with a Perkins Brailler machine in front of her

Hi, I’m Elaine and I have been teaching at the college since 2011. I now teach Braille but I have also taught A Level Maths and Numeracy.


I first learned braille in the 1990s through the National Library for the Blind which merged with RNIB a few years ago to form the RNIB National Library Service. Having learned the literary code I was then able to transcribe books for the Library as a volunteer working from home. After a few years the computerisation of braille production had improved to such an extent that volunteer transcribers were no longer needed. So for about fifteen years I did not actively use my braille skills but found that I continued to remember the code, often transcribing words into braille in my head.


For many years I worked as a Teaching Assistant supporting students with special educational needs in the mainstream environment. On moving to Hereford I was fortunate in gaining a position supporting a student with visual impairment through her GCSEs in a local secondary school and so I was able to use my braille skills once more. The student was a proficient user of braille and took a full range of subjects including Music, so we had to learn more of the Braille Maths, Science and Music codes.


Following this I then joined RNC as a bank teacher of Braille, teaching for one day a week whilst continuing with my work in the local school for the rest of the week. A year later I left the local school as I obtained the post of teaching A Level Maths and Numeracy and a year on from that I rejoined the Braille Team on a permanent basis. As well as teaching the literary code I sometimes have the chance to teach students some of the Braille Music code which I also enjoy doing as music is very important to me. I sing in a local choral society and play recorder and flute in a local community folk band and I’m always listening to music at home. I also enjoy reading, playing the piano and doing crosswords and quizzes.


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