Jeremy Perrott

Jeremy sits on a bench in the woods at the back of the RNC campus, there are lots of autumnal leaves and trees in the background

Hello my name is Jeremy. I am a Residential Manager at RNC, I also manage the PSO (Pastoral Support) Team and I am the Designated Safeguarding Manager at the College. I started working at the College in 2006. A large part of my job is to make sure that the students living at College feel safe and supported and that they know who to talk to if they have any particular concerns. I also work with the pastoral support officers who work with students individually towards their personal targets as well as providing them with leisure and activity opportunities.


My thoughts about RNC

I find working at the College really satisfying. It is great to be able to work alongside students when they are on their journey towards independence. Often students come to RNC not having had many opportunities to meet with other young people who have things in common with them. It is great to be able to see them developing new skills and confidence and having a go at things they have never done before. The friendships and memories they form at RNC will stay with them always.


My work before RNC

Before I came to work at RNC I had worked in residential settings with young people who had learning disabilities and whose behaviour challenged the services that were supporting them. I have also done some work with the Probation service in a voluntary capacity. After I left school I did not really know what I wanted to do and had a variety of jobs including being a chef and working as a builder. I spent some time working as a supermarket manager in Botswana, a country I was lucky enough to live in for over a year.


My spare time away from RNC

Some of the things I like to do when I have time are, walking, gardening, listening to Music (Bob Dylan fan), and cooking. The things I like to cook and eat most are curries and casseroles; I am hopeless at baking or making puddings though.

I live not far from Ross on Wye with my wife and son, I have lived in Herefordshire for most of my life and really love it.


Favourite things;

Red wine, gadgets & nature

Least Favourite things;

Lychees and people with bad manners


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