Michelle Gilbert

Close up image of Michelle smiling as she sits at her computer desk typing on the keyboard

As part of her work placement in the marketing team, RNC student Maisy was given the task of interviewing Michelle Gilbert the person in charge of career’s advice and support for the adult SES (Specialist Employability Support) trainees at RNC. She started working at the college in September 2015, and Maisy says she had a lot to say!


What do you do in your role at the college? 

My role is The SES employment advisor, so I prepare the SES trainees for the world of work. I meet with the trainees on a weekly basis to discuss their progress, and to address any issues they may have.


Is this the first time you’ve worked with visually impaired people?  

Yes, however I’ve supported disabled people back into employment in previous roles.

Have you found it to be enjoyable? 

Yes, I love my job, and all the rewards it gives me to support the trainees and get to know them and their successes. It is brilliant to see how quickly trainees grow in self-belief and confidence in such a short space of time. All the staff at the College work together with the aim for learners to reach their full potential.


Where were you before RNC? 

Well, for the last 10 years I have worked for various organisations helping disabled students and adult learners to get back into employment.

I also worked for a while in the public sector helping disadvantaged youth to get employability skills, I’ve also been a self-employed buisness owner and therapist.


Can you read Braille?

No- but I am hoping to have some lessons soon.


What do you do in your spare time? 

I have two dogs who enjoy their “walkies”, I love visiting the cinema and listening to upbeat dance music. But I also love gardening and growing my own veggies. I’m into spiritualist practice, holistic therapy and paranormal investigation.


Do you feel part of the RNC community now?

Yes I do, I’ve found it to be incredibly friendly and was immediately welcomed into the team, everyone I have met is so genuine, and lovely

Anything else you want to say? 

I was very pleased to find that RNC has such an active and successful EDI policy and a brilliant EDI group that runs for students, i am very proud to work somewhere that is so good at treating every person as an individual and with the greatest respect.