Tim Broome

Tim sits on stage in the Chapel performance studio, holding a guitar with a microphone in front of him

Hi guys, I’m Tim from Marketing (the Welsh one) and I live in the scenic area of mid-Wales with a prize winning pet African snail called Speedy and a scruffy long haired terrier called Max.

My role at RNC is reaching out to prospective students and families nationally. It’s probably me that you will meet at an RNC event such as a Have a Go activity weekend or on your first visit to the College for a look around.

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Most weeks I will be on the train heading to somewhere new and exciting across the UK so you might also meet me somewhere closer to your home.

Please visit our Events page to find out where we will be

There are lots of exciting things happening at the College and it’s my job to help spread the word to make sure as many people as possible know about it.

Outside, and inside of work, I enjoy sports and I try to get involved with the RNC Sports Academy as much as possible. It’s great being able to introduce new students to sports that are accessible and seeing some really excel in that area.

My guitar skills are terrible, but improving; I have aspirations of one day performing at an RNC Chapel open-mic session and have it streamed live across the world!


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