Campaign poster of Aziza – Large image of Aziza on the right hand side, smiling as she holds onto a microphone. On the left hand side there is the tagline ‘I Can perform’ and a quote from Aziza which says “Performing sets me free, I feel confident and alive – being visually impaired will never hold me back”.

Aziza completed her studies at RNC in 2016.


Aziza was part of our national I Can campaign; changing people’s perception of visual impairment and focussing on what our students can do, not what they can’t.


I Can perform

I’m Aziza and I’m 16 from Bristol. At RNC I study A Levels in Psychology and English Literature, plus BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts. My mum used to work in the theatre so I guess that’s where I get my love of the arts and my eccentricity from!   I have an eye condition known as bi-lateral coloboma which means that some parts of my retina didn’t develop properly when I was in the womb; I was registered blind at the age of three months.


I attended a local mainstream primary school until I was six but as my mum had already taught me to read and write before I started and I was always above my reading age so when I was seven I passed an entrance exam to attend a private school called Red Maids.   I first heard about RNC through my Mobility Officer in Bristol and I was very open-minded about the possibility of coming here. I had the option to stay at my school but I’d been there since I was seven and thought that maybe I needed a change. I applied, came for an assessment and was offered a place. During the summer my retina detached, I needed four operations which affected my exams as I couldn’t sit two GCSEs. It was at this point that I knew I needed to come to RNC.


Life at RNC

Being able to study Performing Arts means that I am getting a qualification in something I love doing. I sang a lot at my old school and did a couple of plays but since coming to RNC I have explored so many different aspects of my creativity. Dance is completely new to me as I’d never really done this before and it’s given me the chance to try contemporary dance and learn different styles.   The most challenging part of the course has been the ‘Theatre for children’ unit, we were given the stimulus of ‘History of Britain’ then, as a group, performed some improvisation of themes and ideas then devised a script. The actual performance was in front of 50 seven year old children and took me completely out of my comfort zone; I was so nervous before the performance but I got such a buzz from it and can’t wait to perform again!

Aziza studies Performing Arts Practice at RNC – if you’re interested in trying something new with us then why not give us a call for advice on the opportunities available to you? You can call us on 01432 376 621 or fill in our contact form


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