Bradley smiles as he stands, holding a Goalball, on the court in front of the Goalball net

Bradley completed his studies at RNC in 2015.


Hi, I’m Bradley from Rochdale and I’m studying BTEC Level 3 Business Studies, AS Spanish, AS Psychology, as well as being a member of the RNC Sports Academy. I was born blind, and went to a mainstream school up until the age of 16.


My first taste of sport at RNC

I have followed football for my whole life, but RNC is the only place where I have been able to play.  Sighted people get to play sport from primary school upwards.  But for blind people it’s different.  In PE I was just given a ball and could kick it around, but was never able to play with others, as part of a team.  I just wasn’t allowed.  It’s difficult for blind people to be included in team sport.  Or that’s what I thought.

It’s amazing here, a dream come true. Even though I’m not playing at a national level, it’s incredible being included.  Everyone is the same and has equal opportunity. I play in defence and last year we won the league without losing a match.


The difference sport has made to me

In sport you can’t use a cane or have a guide dog, you develop the skills to rely on your own spatial awareness.  My spatial awareness and confidence has improved dramatically, as have my communication skills on and off the pitch. I’m much more confident in asking for help now when I need it.

My Sports Academy sessions are one of the things I look forward to most, it’s good fun. Trying out Goalball has been great fun too and I’ve been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ve made lots of new friends.


My biggest achievement

Being picked to go to the intermediate Goalball competition.  I’ve never done anything like that before, and winning the Goalball league.


My advice to other students

Give RNC a try. There’s great support for all subjects, and you can play sport! I don’t think there’s another college anywhere that could equal it.”


What the coaches say…

“Brad is one of the lead characters on the Sports Academy social scene. Not only is he doing really well in sport, he is the life and soul of the party too!” – Aaron Ford, RNC Sports Academy Coach and GB Women’s Goalball Coach


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