Close up image of George, sitting on a sofa in Orchard Hall common room, and smiling at the camera.

George completed his studies at RNC in 2016.


In August 2015 George Upfield, from Northamptonshire, received his A Level results; his grades in Art, Latin and French along with the History AS Level he gained the year before secured him an unconditional place at The University of Reading to study Classics. Most young people would be thrilled to be going off to university but for 18 year old George the thought terrified him “I knew that if I went there two months after I left school I wouldn’t have survived. I would have been eaten up by the whole experience and I wouldn’t have been able to cope with it all.”

RNC’s Student Recruitment Manager Tim Broome says “The dropout rates for people with VI at university is alarming – I think that the reason for this is many young people go to university completely underprepared. The RNC campus is designed like a mini university; there are halls of residence and separate areas for learning, dining, socialising etc. RNC provides a stepping stone for young people to go from school to university and is great for building confidence and making friends.”

George was registered as partially sighted at the age of nine and always enjoyed a mainstream education and whilst, academically, George had always performed well he admits that he wasn’t able to look after himself “That’s why I came to RNC; to gain more independence.” Alongside picking up extra qualifications in Sociology and Extended Project, George felt like RNC prepared him for university by providing with the skills to cook for himself, develop mobility techniques to visit new places and enhance his options for effective working mediums by improving his braille technique and reading speed.

Hear more about what George has to say in the video below;

We are now pleased to announce that in September 2016 George began his Classics degree at The University of Reading and is happily enjoying both his course and the independence of living away from home!

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