James is sitting on an armchair in the student hub, the hub desk is in the background with lots of brightly coloured desks, sofas and benches

James is a current student, he began his studies at RNC in 2015.


James is 16 from Worlaby in North Lincolnshire; he was registered blind aged three as a result of Optic Chiasmal Glioma.
The clip below is from our new student conference in July 2015 where James’ dad Martin talked about the first time they came to visit RNC and why he knew this was the right place for James.


James became a student at RNC in September 2015 and is studying Media. Alongside his course, James says that he feels more independent in terms of doing his own washing, domestic chores and gaining the ability to travel home on his own using the train.

Friends James and Laura first met at an Action for Blind camp held at RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) in 2013 and for the next two years they came to RNC together for various Have a Go weekends and activities before deciding that they wanted to come to study as RNC students. Watch the video below to hear about how they found their first few weeks at RNC;



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