Kim Jeffreys is sitting in on a chair, smiling into the camera, in the student hub with two computers on the desk in the background

Kim completed her studies at RNC in 2017.


Hi! I’m Kim, a first year at RNC.

As you may be able to tell, I don’t particularly like video cameras! I promise that I don’t sound like Siri in real life, or at least I try not to, and I don’t usually sit up really straight like a stick. Also, I usually wear sunglasses so I don’t have to squint or close my eyes all the time….. Luckily, the magic of editing has made my video seem fairly OK!


I like all of my subjects, but my favourite is definitely Braille. I never had the opportunity to learn any Braille before I came to RNC, and it makes a nice difference to study a subject which is completely new and fresh and so very useful. Probably the most significant benefit is that reading Braille causes absolutely no eye strain, meaning I can work much more comfortably and for longer periods of time. I also really enjoy my Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools course, as I am learning all the skills I will need in order to find a job as a teaching assistant when I leave RNC.


I’ve got an interesting range of hobbies. I run a Chess Club on Sundays with my friend, Ben, and I am part of the Performing Arts Learning and Leisure group (look out for photos of me from Christmas Shenanigans!) I attend a local Church independently and have joined their Bingo group- last time I won a candle and a ceramic duck! When I’m at home, I am part of a ten-pin bowling club along with my younger brother, Alex.


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