Lloyd is standing in the foreground of the picture smiling as he wears his Scarlet Rugby club coat. He is on the edge of the training pitch and just beside him there are lanes of an athletics track and just behind that there is a grass rugby pitch with lots of players during their training session.

Lloyd completed his studies at RNC in 2016.


Having been fully sighted his whole life, in December 2013, aged 20, Lloyd’s eyesight began to deteriorate and by April 2014 he was registered blind due to an inherited eye condition known as LHON (Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy). Lloyd joined us as a student at RNC (The Royal National College for the Blind) in September 2014 and is now a second year, studying Massage and Complementary Therapy.


So instead of being a star on the field, Lloyd’s work placement was more behind the scenes in the sports and physio department. Andy Walker, Head of Sports Medicine at Scarlets, said “Obviously sight loss limits certain things that you can do but sports massage is a very tactile area and we’ve been showing Lloyd practical things and his feeling around soft tissue is really good.” Lloyd was lucky to get a place at professional rugby club Scarlets, as Andy explains “We don’t really take a lot of work experience students on but it’s been a pleasure having Lloyd here, he’s been really engaged, asking a lot of pertinent questions and he’s fitted in well.”


Watch the video below to hear more about Lloyd’s journey and how his placement at Scarlets showed him that even with sight loss, it’s still possible for him to forge a career in and around the environment he grew up in;


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