Rachel is on stage playing the piano at an Association of Colleges event, she is also being filmed and projected on a big screen behind her

Rachel is from Bridgend, Wales, and was a student at RNC finishing with us in July 2013. Whilst at RNC she studied A Level Spanish, A Level French and AS Level Extended Project.


Rachel’s background

Rachel has Retinopathy of prematurity and is a Braille user. She began formal music training in 2006 at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, demonstrating extraordinary musicianship and piano improvisation skills. By the age of fifteen, she had completed A-level Music, with a Distinction in Grade 8 Piano. Rachel could be described as a musical genius with perfect pitch she can improvise on the spot with any chord sequence played to her.

She also achieved seven GCSEs at grade C to A* at mainstream school.


Rachel’s time at RNC

Whilst at RNC, Rachel also took lessons in Braille Technology and IT, enabling her to have contemporary knowledge and skills to move forward in her education and future career. “I came to the College to learn independence, not just be a blind person in a sighted world.”


Where is Rachel now?

Rachel is attending the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, home of the National Conservatoire of Wales.


Advice to other students

“The best thing about RNC is you can really open up. Because everyone is in the same boat, I can understand what a good life should be.”


Watch Rachel’s interview by selecting the video below;


Listen to one of Rachel’s piano recitals by selecting the video below;



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