Rosie is standing outside in a garden with lots of grass and trees background; she is wearing her Girl Guides jacket with badges as she celebrates 10 years of being part of Girl Guides

Rosie is from Cambridge and left RNC in 2014, where she studied BTEC Level 3 Business Studies, BTEC Level 3 IT. She was also a Sports Academy Goalball student



Rosie has Nystagmus, Anaridia, problems with her cornea and suffers from eye infections which damage her sight further. She previously trained at a local college in radio broadcasting, however she found herself working in retail until her job was made redundant.


Came to RNC

“When I was made redundant I realised I needed something else. My sight was deteriorating and, although I really wanted to go to university, I knew I wasn’t ready and that I needed specialist support.”


What is the best thing about RNC?

“This is a good stepping stone, for both adult and younger learners, and particularly for people wishing to go to university. I’m glad I am here, it gives me confidence. There’s understanding from the teachers and I’ve got my independence back.  I can’t wait to get my own place, whether I go straight into business or events management or to university.”

Rosie has also been able to continue her Girlguiding commitments by leading a nearby group as well as training and competing with the College and GB Goalball squads during her two years at RNC.


Advice to other students

“Take every opportunity. Break your own boundaries. It’s better to try and fail than to regret that you didn’t have a go in the first place. The lecturers here will stretch you to go further, but they won’t push you; it’s up to you to achieve your dreams.”


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