Sam smiles as he sits on one of the benches outside halls of residence

Sam completed his studies at RNC in 2016.


Hello everyone and welcome to RNC. My name is Sam and I am from Swansea. I am a second year student and the courses I am studying are A Level English Literature, AS Psychology and AS Health and Social Care.


My eye condition

Before going to RNC, I attended mainstream education so I did not know what to expect when coming here. I definitely think that RNC is much more suited for me as all the equipment is designed to be used for people who have sight impairments, which makes everything very accessible. The condition I have is called cataracts, when the lens of the eye starts to become blurred. I also have Nystagmus, this is where the movement of the eyes are uncontrolled.


What I’ve gained since being at RNC

My biggest challenge before attending RNC would be getting over my lack of confidence. However, since I have been at RNC, my confidence has grown so much more because  I have been taking part in activities the college offers on a daily basis which, has led to me meeting new people, Dining club is definitely my favourite, where students go out to a restaurant for a meal and a drink, it gives me the chance to socialise and hang out with friends.

All of the teachers at RNC are very supportive and optimistic which creates a very positive atmosphere throughout the whole year.


Advice to new students

Advice which I would give you all is to keep your keys and card with you all the time. This is because the only way to get into The Hub is by scanning your card. If you forget your keys, then you will be locked out of your room. I’ve definitely learned to be more organised and this is important now and when I leave RNC.


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