Students are standing in a group outside the student hub, posing for a photo – left to right is Michael, Jade, Thomas, Tiri, George and Siobhan. Tom is standing just behind Jade and Tiri and because he is so much taller than them he is playfully resting his elbows on their heads.

Thomas completed his studies at RNC in 2017.


Thomas is 18 from Llanelli, South Wales, and was registered blind, aged six, as a result of autosomal dominant optic atrophy (ADOA). Thomas went to a mainstream college but dropped out because his work was not being modified appropriately so he was unable to access course materials.

When it came to securing funding to come to RNC Thomas had a real fight on his hands but luckily had the support of his Uncle Dwayne and the rest of the family, who were able to support Thomas’ battle to access the education he needs.

A Level student Thomas is now at RNC where he is able to access his course materials in a format that is suitable to his eye condition. He has made friends, developed confidence, feels comfortable sharing his own experiences of his visual impairment and has more independence.

Watch the first video below about what life was like for Thomas when he dropped out of College;

Listen to Thomas’ mum Heather talking at July’s New Student Conference about her hopes for him in the future;

Watch the final video below where Thomas talks about his first week at RNC;



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