Anchors away!

After a tiring weekend of sailing, everyone was asked to pose for a group picture as they sat at the edge of the yacht. Back row – Three members of the Challenge Wales crew and Dave Llewellyn. Middle row – Lisa Roberts, David and Jordan. Front row – Juan, Jess, Kerry Hunter, Charlotte and Cathy Gowland

Last weekend RNC students Charlotte, Jordan, David, Jess and Juan were accompanied by RNC staff members Cathy Gowland, Dave Llewellyn, Kerry Hunter and Lisa Roberts as they boarded a 72 foot yacht for an all-expenses paid two night activity weekend, with the extraordinarily lovely crew from Challenge Wales.


For some of the students, it was the first time they had been on a boat and it was a completely new experience. Cathy Gowland said “Right from the start the crew taught the students what to do and expected them to get stuck in and they were involved in everything from steering the boat to putting the sails up”.


This is what the students had to say about their weekend;


“Dear challenge wales, Thank you for the fantastic opportunity of sailing on a yacht for the first time I enjoy learning about tacking and snake pit cockpit mast and sheets and having the chance to steer plus putting up sheets and I would like do this again.”



“I would just like to say thank you for what an amazing time I had on the boat last weekend. I really enjoyed being part of steering the boat, pulling the ropes for the sales and winching. I enjoyed participating with a great group of students, staff and crew members and it was a real team effort for everyone as some tasks were better suited for other people, but everyone pulled together to make this trip a great success. The whole experience has been unforgettable and something that not many people can say they have been able to take part in, visually impaired or not. My confidence grew throughout the weekend and I have achieved things that I never thought possible.

Thank you once again, Charlotte”



“I thoroughly enjoyed my time upon Challenge Wales and with her crew. Being from the Isle of Man, I love being on and around the water, however had never had a chance to sail properly before and found the experience most educating and thrilling. The Skipper Andy, Hue and Jerry were fantastic in supporting my needs and I spent most of my time helping with the ropes in the rear cockpit – this was a perfect use of my abilities as I have balance and coordination issues, so being able to put my weight into winching the ropes was a good compensation for this.

Thank you for the experience – I look forward to next time.”



“Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity we had last weekend when we went sailing with Challenge Wales. It was an awesome experience and it was nice to get away from things and way better than a normal weekend at RNC. My favourite part was hoisting the sales. You gave us the chance to do things that most other places wouldn’t. Thanks once more, David”.


View the Facebook gallery from the sailing trip


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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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