Brandon: RNC is the right place for me

Brandon is leaning on the fence outside the learning hub

Brandon, 18 from Kirklees was born with Albinism which means he is one in 17,000 people that has the rare genetic condition caused by a lack of the pigment melanin, which gives hair, skin and eyes their colour.


“Growing up with being a bit different from other people can be hard. My vision in school meant that I had to sit closer to the front and I liked being in a darker area, which are both opposites of my friends and people don’t always understand” said Brandon.


The Albinism Fellowship which is an organisation that aims to provide information, advice and support for people with albinism and their families explain that “some people with Albinism may experience torment at school through name calling and bullying.”


This is something that Brandon encountered and one of the reasons behind him wanting a more understanding environment. Brandon says “I am pleased to be at RNC where I know they can support me and I am delighted with my progress. I have a great education and a great social life which I have not had previously.”


After RNC, Brandon would like to go to university to study for a career in youth work. He is currently studying Level 3 Health and Social Care but understands that the skills he needs to be successful at university are more than just academic. Brandon says “RNC is a lot different to my old school, here I get independent living skills so I can learn to do things in the kitchen and cook the meals I want. I also have mobility lessons that have helped me gain confidence to get the bus and explore the city centre by myself, these are skills I will need in the future”


Nicola Smith, Director of Learning and Curriculum is full of praise with the start Brandon has made at RNC saying “I am extremely pleased with how he settled in, he has quickly made a peer group of friends and he is focused on his studies.”


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