Business Studies students take over Have a Go weekend!

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For the last five years we’ve been running free have a go weekends at RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) and this year three of our Business Studies students; Lewis, Calum and George, asked if they could create one as part of their organising an event module so we thought ‘why not?’ The students have been busy having meetings with teaching, residential and support staff, scheduling and planning activities, sorting out menus and producing the marketing materials for the event.


George Jones from Somerset said “We wanted to mix it up and make sure that the weekend would be fun and I think that this video is definitely a taster of what you can expect at the Have a Go weekend!” Calum from Dorset is a wannabe stand-up comedian and said “The video was definitely the most enjoyable part about this whole process and we tried to make it as funny as possible.”


After speaking about the event, live on RNIB’s Insight Radio, Lewis from Essex added “It was fun being on the radio but I didn’t realise how much work goes into planning these events, I’ve learned a lot about business, marketing and planning. I just hope that we get loads of people coming to the weekend now!”

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If you are aged 13-17 and are interested in coming along to the Have a Go weekend, which runs 9-10 April, please call our student enquiries line on 01432 376 621 or compete the application form below and return to

Have a Go Application Form April 2016 (Word doc)


Watch the Have a Go promotional video;

Lewis Smith – student profile

Profile picture of Lewis sitting on a bench outside in one of the RNC gardens

Lewis Smith

My name is Lewis Smith and I am currently studying BTEC Level 3 IT and BTEC Level 3 Business Studies. Before I came to the RNC I was fully sighted up until my 18th birthday. I had studied a Level 3 extended diploma in Engineering and had also acquired an apprenticeship with a Network Rail contractor. However, after a certain level of deterioration in my sight the company had to withdraw the apprenticeship offer on the grounds of health and safety and this had made my future very unclear.  By the December of that same year I became completely blind with only some light perception.  After visiting a few charities and also my local job centre for support I was informed about the RNC.

Upon arriving at RNC at first I was nervous but after my floor in halls began to gain members and socialise I began to feel more and more at home. I found some people with similar interests and formed bonds with people around the college. I am certain that there have been some lifelong friends made here.

The college has taught me a lot of helpful skills like that of braille and living skills like washing cooking and ironing.  It has also helped with my mobility around Hereford itself. I can go to the shops if I need to which would have been a real struggle without the college. And most of all it has given me my confidence back and that is one thing that I don’t think any other place can offer.

I want to move on to an apprenticeship or even full time employment after the college which I hope to achieve with my new skills and reformed confidence.


Calum Brennan – student profile

Profile picture of Calum sitting on a bench outside in one of the RNC gardens, with his can beside him.

Calum Brennan

My name is Calum Brennan, I am 21 years old.  I started at RNC in September 2014 doing BTEC Level 3 Business Studies and A Level Sociology.  Also I play B1 football and goalball in the sports academy.

I found out about the College when I was nearing the end of my A Levels at sixth form back home.  I didn’t know what I was going to do because in my opinion I was not ready for university, but I wanted to get more qualifications.

The College has been very beneficial for me as I have learnt to cook and clean, which are skills I did not previously have, but that I would need at university. I have also experienced living on my own and in a residential setting, which again is an experience I required for university and life in general.  I am currently applying for uni, which is something staff at the College have assisted me with and I have received offers from all but one of my choices so far.


George Jones – student profile

Profile picture of George looking straight into the camera as he sits on a bench outside in one of the RNC gardens.

George Jones

My name is George Jones, I am 23 years old and I live in Somerset. I have got a condition called wolfram syndrome which has caused my eye sight to deteriorate. I have worked and trained as a chef, until my eye sight deteriorated even more when I was 21. This caused me to lose my job as it was no longer possible for me to do it.

In September 2015 I started at RNC where I am now studying BTEC Level 3 Business Studies and BTEC Level 3 IT, as well as this I am learning braille whilst building on my English and Maths skills. Whilst being at the RNC I have made lots of new friends and learnt new and different methods to do everyday tasks.





Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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