Charlotte ready for the next stage; university!

Charlotte on stage

Charlotte Milburn, 18, from County Durham, is heading to York St John University to start a degree in Education Studies. Charlotte, who was Chair of the RNC Student Representative Group, achieved a Grade C in her Psychology A Level and a D in AS Level Maths, but is proudest of her double Distinction* in the OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Performing Arts.


‘This year I got Performing Arts, a double Distinction*. I’m so happy about that. I love performing so much. Using that to go on to uni gives me so much confidence. One of the units was Theatre in Education. I wrote a script and we performed to a massive group of Year One children. They absolutely loved it!


Charlotte was drawn to York for a variety of reasons.


‘The course is really interesting and it’s quite broad, it’s got a lot of different modules in it. Education is something I’ve always wanted to do. You can’t do an A level in it, so I’ll be studying something new and meeting lots of new people, exploring a new place. It has good dance societies. It’s a new city to me, and it’s just really nice there.’


After her time at RNC, Charlotte feels well prepared for her transition to university.


‘I don’t think I would have been able to navigate a busy city if I hadn’t done the training I did when I was at College. Having lived in halls already is going to help me. The independence. I’ve spoken to a few people I’m moving in with and they’re worrying about doing their own washing – I’ve got that covered. And moving in and not really knowing anybody. I’ve got that experience already so I feel like I’m a bit ahead of the game.’


Charlotte has a positive message for new students at RNC, and while she is excited about her new life she still feels strongly attached to the College.


‘I’d say take every opportunity that you get. There are so many that the College gives which you wouldn’t get in a mainstream environment. Enjoy every minute. I really want to be back there! ‘



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