Chris Targets Strongman Competition

Chris lifts a stongman log over his head in the student gym

Chris Colbert came to The Royal National College for the Blind two years ago at the age of 16 with the goal of becoming a Personal Trainer. He now aims to be a Strongman!

RNC Sports and Fitness tutor Aaron Reece initially introduced Chris to strongman when displaying new training methods in a group fitness session. Chris said, ‘Aaron showed me deadlift techniques and said I had a natural ability for it, in just 4 months of training I’ve increased my maximum lift by over 50kg.’

‘After about 8 weeks of following the new training regime I decided to enter a strongman competition, Doncaster leapt out at me as it was in my home town.’

Chris is the first visually impaired competitor to take part in the Doncaster strongman and said the organisers have been excellent. ‘It’s a learning curve for both parties. I’ve never competed before and they haven’t had anyone with my impairment. They have been so accommodating, it’s been great, and they have offered any support I need on the day.’

Doncaster strong man consists of events including; the log ladder, keg toss, Viking medley, yoke, duck walk with a 100kg dumb bell, and van pull.

As this is his first event Chris has said he has no other ambition other than to go, be proud and give it his best effort.

Not wanting to stop at his first competition Chris is already planning his next move both in the strongman circuit and his professional life; ‘I’d really like to make it to nationals if possible. I love pushing myself, training hard and eating well. Ideally I’d love a job as a personal trainer and hopefully my strongman efforts show any future employers that I have commitment and a determination to succeed.’

We asked Chris what the hardest part of his training has been so far: ‘There has just been one problem, since I’ve told all my friends about my strong man efforts, they have all been super supportive, but now they make me carry their shopping bags home!’

Chris competes on 27 July between 13:30 – 19:00

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