College Overwhelmed by Messages of Support

Group of blind and partially sighted pupils walking down the hub ramp at the Royal National College for the Blind

Recently the BBC featured an article by Sean Coughlan about the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), highlighting its work and some of the financial issues the College was facing as a result of enormous cuts in local authority funding for students and a squeeze on special needs budgets.

RNC has since been inundated with messages of support, offers of help and some very generous donations.

We are completely overwhelmed and would like to express our sincere gratitude. Your support is greatly appreciated and the donations that we have received will continue to help us empower young people with sight loss to live independent lives.

The clear, overriding message from everyone that has been in touch, is that the Royal National College for the Blind is an outstanding, national treasure which the government must protect.

If you would like to help, there are many ways you can support the work of the RNC. Through volunteering, a madcap fundraising idea or challenge, lobbying your local MP, making a donation or simply spreading the word about the work of the College so that more students can have the benefit of studying at RNC. It all helps. For more information please head to our website or email


One response to “College Overwhelmed by Messages of Support”

  1. steve ramsdale says:

    Down in deepest Herefordshire, there is a rare and often hidden gem, it is called the RNC.

    Decision makers in education please explore what it does and preserve something that is special, while you have the chance. If you really care about education for young people with a visual impairment you will properly support it, thus giving a real choice to those learners who need it most.

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