Dine in the Dark, a recipe for opportunity

A couple wearing blind folds and pouring wine at the dine in the dark

On Friday night, a large group of people visited The Royal National College for the Blind for a feast for their senses.

The annual Dine in the Dark event is a unique experience that gives guests the chance to put on a blindfold and eat their meal in complete darkness. To add to the experience, all the waiting staff are blind or partially sighted students from the College, making this a recipe for an exceptional evening.


The fundraising event is to support the language department with overseas trips for the students. For many students at the College it is their first opportunity to go overseas. First year student, Abdul, was one of the students waiting tables; ‘I wasn’t allowed to go on school trips in my old school, and the only time I have been on holiday is with my parents. Being at the College gives me the opportunity to go on a trip with friends and just be and do normal things.’


For some the whole experience was quite overwhelming; ‘My son is a student at the College and has been blind from birth. For me, being put in his shoes and having to do something he does as an everyday activity, I found it quite intense. I can now understand why he prefers to eat with his fingers.’


‘Last year over 25 students benefited from the fundraising efforts of this event and we hope we can increase the number’ said Lisa Roberts, Spanish Teacher. ‘The trips are so beneficial to the students. They give them a real life opportunity to speak the language, eat the cuisine, visit the local attractions to navigate their way around a busy airport and use public transport in other language. These are life experiences that our students do not shy away from’


The generosity from the evening has already been amazing. The trips would not be possible without the support of fundraising efforts at the Dine in the Dark event, but even if you could not make the event and still would like donate, please visit our fundraising link at https://www.justgiving.com/rncfb/donate


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