What is the EPQ and why do our students chose it?

EPQ presentation with RNC student Chealsei delivering at the front

Today has been a day of students EPQ presentations……..


So what is an EPQ?


An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is, to put it simply, a big independent project for where students earn a qualification.


It involves writing an essay, article or developing a product, a pretty long piece of about the research and how they approached their project. It also includes a final presentation where students talk through their essay and their discoveries.


You choose!


Perhaps the best thing about an EPQ is that students can choose their topic and project title. As long as the topic and title gives them enough to talk about in an ‘academic’ style, they are free to do whatever they want!


The RNC class of 2018 has included topics ranging from; ‘internet use with primary school aged children’ through to an ‘X-men pilot script’.


An extra qualification!


For some students, an EPQ can also help them into university. Not only does it look great on their personal statement, but it is also valued at 50% of a full A Level.

The style of learning is different to a typical A Level. Students learn how to manage their project and need to develop and apply organisational skills and strategies. During the research phase they will be gathering and analysing data and having to communicate this back in their findings.


Great preparation for university!


First year student Chealsei, chose the topic of ‘How the role of female characters in films is changing’. She is combining EPQ alongside A Level Psychology and Sociology and using the transitional support at the College to apply for university. On top of the academics she is also gaining the skills for independent study, mobility and daily living to ensure her next step in university will be a success.


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