Esther combines qualifications for success

Esther and fellow student Avram running the Box Office in the RNC Chapel Arts Centre

Esther Venman, 18, from Wiltshire, is preparing for university after securing double Merit grades in OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Media and an A grade in her AS Level Extended Project, for which she developed a game design document – a guide to creating a video game.

Esther said: ‘I’d been working on a project for a few years now and wanted to start solidifying ideas – the mechanics and story. I love creating stories and worlds that people can get involved in, and people doing cos plays of characters.

‘I will be doing Concept Art in September in Teesside University in Middlesborough. I picked Teesside because it was one of top 20 international schools for animation and visual FX.’

Esther is hoping to work in-house or to undertake contract work with different games studios once she graduates. Although she had always loved game design, her ambitions took shape once she started at College.

‘I started at RNC in 2016 directly after school. If you asked me then I wouldn’t have said I would be going to do a uni course in Concept Art. I went to the Futures Fair in my first year and started looking after that.’

Both Esther’s choice of studies at RNC and living as a residential student helped to prepare her for a successful transition to university when the time came.

‘This year I did the Extended Project, which was incredibly helpful in prepping me for uni. I’d have contact time with my tutors then the rest of it was up to me to get it done. I hadn’t worked in that way before, it was all completely new.

‘I developed time management and communication skills, and learned how to deal with the social side. I came from a place where I was quite closed off, but at the end of the first year and throughout the second year I developed ways of talking to people. I’ll be carrying those skills on in September when I go up for Freshers’ Week and then my uni course.

‘I feel absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to everything. Learning new skills. Doing what I’ve wanted to do pretty much since I was 8 years old. RNC helped me to get my confidence, with my academics, and to get in to university.’


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