Festive wine tasting experience for students

Students are in the bistro for the wine tasting, sitting around a table. Angelo and George are each holding a glass of wine high into the air

A dozen students joined with Principal Sheila Tallon for a festive wine tasting session in December. As a self-proclaimed amateur wine enthusiast, Sheila shared her knowledge of grape varieties and the best accompanying dishes with the group who were new to wine tasting as an activity.

The students were taught how to taste the wine through considering its colour, the smell on the nose and the giggle-inducing face pulling act of drawing the wine between one’s teeth to encourage the flavours to rise into the nasal cavity.

For tasting, there were two white wines, a chardonnay and a sauvignon blanc, plus three reds: a Spanish rioja; a malbec from Argentina; and a cabernet sauvignon. The group picked up on the different flavours of each and chose their favourites. A fun evening was had by all!

Article written by Anika Backhouse, PR, Publications & Outreach Officer at RNC


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