First flight at Shobdon

Left to right; Mikey (with PSO Cathy Gowland hiding behind him), Josh, Dan, David M, James, PSO Dave Llewellyn and Tom stand in front of a plane at Shobdon air field

RNC students Mikey, Josh, Dan, David, James and Tom were awe-inspired by their visit to Shobdon Airfield in November. They took it in turns to fly in a small plane, with room enough for just two students, a member of RNC staff and the pilot!

For Tom, this was the first time he had ever flown, so naturally the pilot gave him the controls and Tom managed the plane during take-off, flying it at speeds of 140mph towards Hereford and handed back the controls for the landing.

“It was terrifying,” he said. “But it was the most amazing experience of my life!”

David Llewellyn, Pastoral Support Officer at RNC who organised the trip, said: “Shobdon Airfield has been really helpful and it is a great local resource to have. We are definitely going to go more often, so that more students can experience this.”

Article written by Anika Backhouse, PR, Publications & Outreach Officer at RNC


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