GCSE results at RNC exceed national average!

Ieuan leads the way during a country walk for their bronze DofE expedition. The group are walking towards the camera on a country lane, Ieuan is at the front in his wheelchair and behind him is Lewis, Amanda Wallis, Yasar, David, Jordan and Jess Hall. The group are all carrying backpacks and there are lots of trees and bushes lining the edge of the road.

Here at The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), we are celebrating a 100% pass rate for GCSEs, with 72% achieving an A*-C grade, which is just above the national average of 69%. “We are very pleased with the results,” said Libby Hudson, teacher in Charge of Academic Studies. “Students worked hard and have got the success they deserved.”


Ieuan Sparey, 17 from Presteigne in Wales, received passes in Psychology (B) and IGCSE English (C). He said: “The results were what I was hoping for and working towards. My confidence in Psychology grew during the year and I especially enjoyed the class debates, the teachers have high expectations but understand the students well.” Libby Hudson said “I am looking forward to having Ieuan on the A Level programme next year.”


Ieuan also achieved his bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, a feat that would not have been possible at mainstream, he said “It was so much more challenging than anyone thought it would be but there was great support among the students and staff; we had so much fun, I really enjoyed it and would be keen to try silver next year.”


After his first year at RNC, Ieuan’s mother commented “It’s been a very positive year for him; he’s more independent, he’s confident and has a good gang of friends. I am definitely pleased with his GCSE results and incredibly proud.”


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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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