GCSE results put Maths at the top of the class

Image of a zoomed in calculator

75% of Maths students at The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) in Hereford achieved grade C – a difficult task given the limitations presented by graphs and diagrams.


Kate Stevenson, Maths teacher, described the level of effort by the students: “I am over the moon with the Maths GCSE results this year. The students worked really hard and, given the specific obstacles faced by students with visual impairments, they have to be spot on with the non-visual areas of this subject to gain such good grades. We are also thankful that we had great support from our wonderful Maths volunteer, John.”


Other GCSE subjects taken at RNC were English (IGCSE) and Health & Social Care, both of which followed national trends. “Notably, the results for Health & Social Care showed progress for the individuals concerned, which builds confidence for their future studies,” said Libby Hudson, teacher in charge of Academic Studies.


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