Goalball: A win win situation

The two RNC Goalball Teams pose for a group photo on the Goalball pitch beside Sports Academy Coach Aaron Ford and Volunteer Ian Baker

Hanif is 17 and has been a student at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) since September 2013. He is studying English, Maths, Psychology and Spanish alongside IT and Independent Living Skills. Hanif plays Goalball for the RNC Sports Academy and also plays for the RNC Cricket Team.

Read below for Hanif’s write up of the Novice Goalball Tournament held in Leeds on Saturday 21 June


By Hanif Khan


The tournament took place at Leeds Trinity University. Likewise, the latter tournament two teams represented RNC. Twelve teams participated in the tournament. One could say that one has experienced what the football teams in Brazil are experiencing. This is due to the heat in the North. Before embarking on giving you an account of the tournament I would like to say that due to the long journey, I declared to type this report on the ‘Lord and Lady Taverner. Hopefully we will be out of Yorkshire by the time yours truly has finished typing.


The RNC Hereford gladiators entered the arena before RNC Academy. Both teams showed no mercy and both teams shattered the dreams of others. We were likemount Etna.  Even the goalball cried. RNC Academy which consisted of Adam, David, Megan and Liam, who qualified to the knockout stage. RNC Hereford which consisted of Harry, Kyla, Steve and me also went through the group stage. Maybe I have won the weirdest celebration of the season.


Despite being booed by some players, by a team which I will not mention, we embraced the values and discipline that we gained from RNC. According to Coach Aaron Ford, “everyone has improved.” There were 6 Bendy bombs, 6 goals scored by Harry and many more goals! The truth is that everyone who represented RNC defended outstandingly. The quality and accuracy of the shooting was absolutely breath taking.


On the bus Aaron commented that although it has never happened in a domestic tournament he wanted both RNC teams to enter the final. The prayer was answered. Both RNC teams made it to the final. Who will he coach?


In conclusion, after a miracle RNC Hereford were level and in extra time the golden defeat came for RNC Academy. RNC Hereford came first and RNC Academy came second. A win win situation is what it was. I would like to finish by showing our gratitude to one match Coach  and excellent helper Ian and coaches Aaron and Adam for their dedication in training us. With the high quality of coaching and the commitment from the sports academy we will hopefully succeed.



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