Happy European Day of Languages!

Students are standing in a group, smiling at the camera. They are holding up a giant Spanish flag in front of them. Oscar is also holding up a tactile map of France. Left to right – Nathan, Rhys, Oscar, Danielle, Libby, Ben, Avram, Kali, Emma, Anes, Kaya and Tijana.

Every year on 26 September, at RNC (Royal National College for the Blind), we celebrate the European Day of Languages. Today, we celebrated the diversity of languages spoken on campus, there was a fun languages quiz and the chance to sample some delicious foods from all across Europe!


More than a fifth of students at RNC study at least one European language, whether that be as part of an A Level, GCSE or NVQ qualification, or just for fun. French teacher Claire Lewin says “Learning a new language is so valuable; it gives you a deeper understanding of other cultures. In the UK there is a shortage of British people who are able to speak additional languages so being able to speak another language looks great on your CV and makes you more employable.”


Second year student Kaya Tveito-Duncan, 21 from Hertfordshire says “I studied languages at mainstream and it’s a world away from RNC. Here, you have tailor-made teaching, the class sizes are much smaller so the teachers get to know you and they genuinely want to help you in any way they can.”


The main languages on offer at RNC are French, German and Spanish and every year we take trips abroad for our students to immerse themselves in the culture. Second year student Anes Saleh, 20 from Birmingham, took part in the Spanish trip last summer and says “People learn things in different ways, I feel like being around people who speak a language makes it easier for me to pick up and I felt like my Spanish improved so much while being in Madrid.”


RNC Principal Mark Fisher says “Some students have never been abroad before they come to RNC so giving them the opportunity to go abroad can be a life changing experience for them. Today has been all about celebrating difference and a chance for all of us to increase our intercultural understanding.”


Kaya, who participated in a unique work experience week in France earlier this year, adds “The week in France was incredible, I learned so much and it really helped me to be more fluent in my French language because I picked up lots of new vocabulary. I met some lovely people and made some really good friends, who I am still in contact with, we send each other messages in French and it’s really benefitted me.”


If you are interested in finding out more about the courses on offer at RNC call our friendly student enquiries team on 01432 376 621 or email info@rnc.ac.uk


Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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