Jessie tells us about her experience on the Have a Go Weekend.

Jessie and friends in a spin fitness session

Jessie is currently in year 10 at a mainstream school. Read how her first experience of RNC was when she attended our Have a Go Weekend last week.


I spent two days at RNC at their ‘Have a Go weekend’ event that lasted from the 16-17 of February. Beforehand, I was unaware colleges that specialise in visual impairment existed and I had never visited Hereford or been to see RNC so I was extremely apprehensive. However, upon arrival I found that the staff were incredibly welcoming.


As soon as we assembled altogether it was very reassuring for me to meet people who I had something in common with, it meant I didn’t feel unlike anyone else. From what I had experienced is that being in the company of other people who could relate to me, allowed me to engage and converse so there was never a period of solitude. RNC simply felt like a home away from home.


I gathered that RNC help prepare you with useful skills, regardless of whether or not you wish to continue to higher education many skills that taught and applied are essential to our daily life. RNC give you the support and independence that you need so there is no doubt you will become more confident in life after RNC.


I partook in the taster lessons during my time at RNC this consisted of math, business including ILS (independent living skills), I found that classes were more intimate in the way they were laid out. I noticed that by having a few pupils taught by one teacher enabled us to speak out in confidently in response and boldly ask for help. That way I also felt that the teachers were attentive to each of us individually.


Personally, after my experience at RNC I could definitely see myself attending the college in the near future. This is down to the support staff offer to help cater specially to one’s need, which during my stay at RNC I found visible and consistent. I enjoyed my time at RNC it was a memorable experience and good fun, thanks to RNC I was able to get out of my comfort zone and try things I haven’t before.


Ultimately, I believe that RNC is a safe environment that boats of qualities that many other colleges do not have to offer.  RNC is willing to invest so much support in young people irrespective of who they are or what their needs are.


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