Lorren: “Going to RNC opened me up to the independence I could gain”

Lorren is kneeling down next to black Labrador guide dog, Casper as he sits wearing his guide dogs harness. They are in the orchard at the back of RNC, with grass and trees in the background.

Lorren Wilde, 18, from Hereford, is heading to York St John University this September. In 2016 she achieved a double Merit grade in her BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts. This summer she has added a C grade in AS Level History, a Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools and an A* in her AS Level Extended Project.


AS Level Extended Project, the equivalent of 50% of an A Level, is a popular choice at RNC for the project management, study and presentation skills students develop. For her final presentation Lorren held an event in the RNC Chapel Arts Centre. She said:


‘I looked at how the social network YouTube has become popular and how people have been able to make a living just by posting videos online. I showed five different YouTube celebrities on different stands, so you could walk around like you were visiting different channels. There were written pieces about each person and different products they’ve released. It showed where they came from and how they’ve made a name for themselves and then branched out in to beauty products, books and TV shows.’


For her Performing Arts qualification Lauren took part in a dance showcase on travelling, explaining: ‘I danced to the Ed Sheeran song Photograph and there were photos of me and my friends showing you can go on a journey through life meeting different people.’


Part of Lorren’s motivation for going to university comes from the break in her education while she fought to secure a final year at RNC:


‘When I was trying to get my third year I was not doing much and I knew I wanted more than just staying at home. I’m nervous, because I’ve been a day student so haven’t had the experience of moving away from home. But it will be good for me. I’m looking forward to the independence and doing something I’m really passionate about.


‘I’m doing Education Studies with Special and Inclusive Needs. I’m hoping to have the qualification to go and teach. I’d be happy in either a mainstream or specialist school, especially with the Special and Inclusive needs element, because I could branch out in to different groups of children.’


Joining Lorren in York will be one of her best friends from her time at RNC, Charlotte Milburn, who shares her passion for performing arts:


‘If it was just me on my own I’d be more nervous and reluctant to go, but because I know someone I’ll be on the same journey. We’re doing the same course as well so I’ll have someone who I can experience everything with.


‘Performing arts was one of our first talking points when I first met her. This year we did external dance classes together. I was proud watching how far she had come – she was so shy when I first met her. Seeing how much she had grown inspired me to be the best that I can.’


Lorren credits her time at RNC with helping her to secure her university place, and has some advice for new students at the College:


‘I definitely think RNC has helped me. When I was in mainstream high school I didn’t have the equipment I needed. I did well in my GCSEs but feel I could have done better. Going to RNC opened me up to the independence I could gain, and I could achieve my grades to the best of my abilities.


‘Just try every opportunity, even if you’re scared or worried about it. Try everything. Don’t be shy to make new friends, and focus on getting the highest grades you can. Do your best, and nobody can argue with you. If you can make yourself proud, that’s the best thing.’


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