Making Maths Accessible

Chris is using braille for maths with teacher Albert

How do you make a maths diagram accessible to a student that is visual impaired is a common question we get asked. 


Christopher, 17 from Bristol is currently studying A-level Mathematics at RNC. He is also studying level 3 Braille and uses a BrailleNote and Perkins Brailler to do his work.


When it comes to understanding pictures in maths Christopher explains “the visual and graphical aspects have always been difficult to get my head around, the teacher usually has to try and describe everything and I do my best to visualise it”.


Thanks to some new equipment, Christopher has learnt to use new methods to make diagrams accessible to him. The equipment known as Tactipad is a new drawing board which enables him to make a tactile drawing by hand, by firmly pressing down on the foil with a pen, the lines will raise instantly, forming the tactile image.


Maths Teacher Albert Pitcher has been working with Christopher this year; “producing tactile versions of diagrams from workbooks can be time consuming, but this new equipment has helped to level the playing field when teaching and saves me a lot of time in preparation” says Albert.


Christopher also has access to a speaking graphical calculator which interprets how a waveform is plotted by varying tones. Albert goes on to explain, “this is a unique piece of equipment only made in America, but it certainly helps him when needing to plot and use waveforms in his studies”.


At RNC we know how important it is for our students to become independent in the classroom. Christopher states “I am planning to go to university in the future so being in class with no teaching assistant and having to work more on my own has helped me progress a lot”.


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