National Pizza Day at RNC

Ciaron is sitting in a classroom with RNC Maths teacher Albert Pitcher, on the table in front of them there is a large tactile bar graph. The graph consists of a large cork board with pins and string to denote the points on the graph.

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As a favoured takeaway option among his residential peers, Maths student Ciaron thought choosing pizza as a topic was ‘inspired’ by his teacher, Albert Pitcher.


Using the internal email system, the following question went out to his fellow students: “what is your favourite type of pizza?” A few different topping choices came back, including chicken, pepperoni, and spinach and mushroom.


Among the most popular were margarita and meat feast, as Ciaron had predicted. He said: “I thought they would be the most popular, and the responses I received backed this up.”


In his lesson, Ciaron pooled his findings with his classmates and used the results to create graphs. Due to his eye conditions, bilateral optic atrophy and cortical visual impairment, Ciaron finds alternative ways of showing his results in a bar chart format. To plot the information, Ciaron used tactile graph paper, pins and string.


In celebration of #NationalPizzaDay, Ciaron and I chose to see whether the general public’s favourite toppings matched those of the RNC student population. Using Twitter as the vehicle, we placed a poll using the top four toppings from Ciaron’s results and left it running for four days.


In total, the poll gained 43 votes, and was retweeted by organisations in London and as far away as Thailand. The big question remained: was Ciaron correct in predicting that the margarita and meat feast toppings would prove most popular once again?


With 33% of the vote, margarita proved to be the favourite. Ciaron called it and was right!


Hot on the heels of the top choice was chicken with 31%, followed by the meat feast pizza with a respectable 24% of the vote. In last place was ham, with just 12%.


“What surprises me about having chicken win over meat feast is that I thought that people would have gone with a pizza with more than one type of meat,” said Ciaron. “I am definitely happy with the results; getting forty-three votes was very good, especially because it was not posted for that long. With getting that many votes, it has definitely increased my opinion on using a social media site like Twitter to get the answers that I need for tasks for my maths lessons.”


With these results resembling the overall choices of the students at The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), it is fair to say that Ciaron knows his pizza toppings!


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Blog written by Anika Backhouse, PR, Publications and Outreach Officer at RNC


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