Natspec Games a Success Once Again

Natspec attendees stands on the astro pitch looking on as other participants play football

For the third year in a row we hosted the Natspec Games. Over 50 participants taking part in an inclusive sporting event including football, boccia, inclusive fitness and tennis that encourages participation with a friendly competitive edge.

Matt Grover from the LTA has been involved for the last two years and can see the benefits; ‘all students can get involved no matter what their level of ability, days like this help improve social, physical and mental wellbeing. Above all though it’s just about enjoyment and for many of the people here today, trying something new.’

To add to the competitive edge, awards are given to both team and individual successes.

We stopped to chat with RNC student Tijana who took part in the day and ask her about her reasons for getting involved.

‘For me it’s all about making new friends and learning about other people’s conditions and being patient and recognising that not everyone is the same and we all have different strengths and abilities. It’s a great way for students to pass on skills to others that have maybe not experienced some of the sports and activities we have tried here today, more participation in events like this lead to better and competition and enhances the experience of all of the students involved.’

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