Ofsted Report: Good

Image shows students and staff standing outside the student hub. Students at the front are holding up large pieces of paper on with letters that spell out ‘Good’. Left to right – Braille Teacher Sara Ingram, Kim, Anes, Director of Student Support Services Mary Kenyon-James, Tom, Laura, George, Joe, Director of Learning and Curriculum Nicola Smith, Chloe, Dave, French Teacher Claire Lewin, Principal Mark Fisher and Ibz.

Following our latest Ofsted inspection of Learning and Skills in March 2017 we are delighted to have been graded as Good in all areas.

This was a comprehensive inspection, with a full team spending three days looking at all aspects of teaching, outcomes, students’ personal development and welfare, and the effectiveness of our leadership and management.


Some of the key findings include:

  • The arrangements for safeguarding and effective and focus strongly on the needs of the students
  • Students receive highly effective pastoral and academic support
  • Students enjoy their learning, and most make good progress and achieve well; as a result, the large majority progress to employment, education or training
  • Students develop self-confidence, social skills and independent learning skills very effectively and are prepared well for their next steps
  • Students take part in a broad and flexible curriculum which is tailored to meet the needs, abilities and goals of individual students, and leads to good development of their independence skills
  • Students develop their skills and knowledge well in a wide range of learning settings
  • Students become more independent and are prepared well for higher and further education, employment and life
  • Most students develop their communication skills very well
  • Students participate in a wide range of enrichment activities at the college and in the community
  • All students take part in work-related placements, many of which are with external providers and link carefully to students’ career goals and aspirations
  • Students have a good understanding of how to keep themselves safe at college, in residences and when using the internet
  • Students feel safe and have a high level of trust and confidence in the staff
  • Teachers are highly qualified, experienced and trained in specialist qualifications
  • Staff have high expectations of students at all levels and abilities
  • Teachers challenge and support students well to achieve their goals
  • Students rightly value the efforts that staff make to enable them to become more independent and develop their self-confidence
  • Teachers and support staff provide highly effective support for students so that they can engage fully in a wide range of learning activities, and are well prepared for their next step


Leaders, managers and staff were also praised for seeking to improve continuously the quality of students’ learning experience and the learning environment, and to increase the number of students who progress into employment.


We are proud of these findings, which reflect our ethos and values. We offer highly personalised education and support so that each student develops the skills and confidence they need to achieve their personal ambitions. Our focus is on supporting students to become confident and independent, and be fully prepared for adult life.


This approach is delivered in a residential setting which Ofsted has rated as Outstanding. It gives students the space and resources they need to progress at their own rate, and makes RNC the ideal college for students with a visual impairment.


The full report can be found here; https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/133108



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