Reanne qualifies for World’s Strongest Disabled Woman championships!

Reanne stands smiling at the camera with Magnus Ver Magnusson (Four times World’s Strongest Man). Reanne is wearing a silver medal around her neck, she is holding a bunch of flowers and in one hand and a small trophy in the shape of an atlas stone in the other hand.

Most people will have heard of the World’s Strongest Man competition, but did you know that there is also a World’s Strongest Disabled Man (and Woman) competition? Last weekend RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) was proud to accompany 21 year old Reanne Racktoo from Bury, Greater Manchester, to compete in the British championships.


Reanne finished in second place at the competition which means that she has now qualified for the World’s Strongest Disabled Man (and Woman) competitions in Norway this September! She says “I can’t wait; I’m so excited and have started training for it already!” Reanne is fundraising for support to get her to the World Championships


As well as finishing second in the competition, Reanne also achieved a personal best in the dead lift; she says “I was really happy to have got my pb of 100kg! It’s fantastic to have a goal to work towards and I hope that I can achieve even more at the World’s!”


There were a series of five strength challenges and, as the competition took place in Somerset; the land of cheddar, the traditional hammer throw was replaced with a giant cheese wheel hold. When asked what the most difficult event was, Reanne rolled up her sleeves and said “The atlas stones were a killer; I’ve got bruises up and down my arms!”


One familiar face at the competition was referee Magnus Ver Magnusson, four time World’s Strongest Man. Reanne was born in 1996; the year that he won his fourth World’s Strongest man title! “It was an honour meeting him, he’s such an inspiration. Having him refereeing was amazing, the atmosphere was incredible and the audience had me really pumped but I did have to concentrate really hard to listen to the commands from the officials.”


Reanne, who studies NVQ Sport and Recreation at RNC, was encouraged to take up the sport by RNC Sports Teacher Aaron Rees who saw her potential. Reanne says “I’d never really done any weight training before but loved it as soon as I started. I am so grateful to Aaron for all his support and the time he’s spent training with me in the gym. I’m now training five days a week, sometimes twice a day. I know I’m really lucky to have a gym on campus and studying sports has helped me loads with learning about techniques, recovery and the anatomy of the human body.”

RNC Sports Teacher Anna Robertson, who supported Reanne at the event, says “Reanne was really motivated throughout the competition and wanted to do her best; she had a great attitude. It’s good to see women taking part in the competition – I hope that Reanne’s success will inspire more girls with disabilities to take up sport and exercise!”


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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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