Students put on a show!

Blind and visually impaired students and The Royal National College for the Blind


As part of their Cambridge Technical in Performing Arts, students from The College are staging their own performance based around recycling and the environment.


The theme was selected by local primary school pupils from St Francis Xavier. The primary are then invited to a live performance on Tuesday 29 February. The pupils from the primary school are in for an absolute treat; with catchy songs and funny characters, the performance shares an important message in fun and engaging way.


First year student Ellie is staring as one of the characters.


‘I really enjoy performing to a live audience, its helped my confidence grow the more I do it. I especially like performing to young children because interact so well and they can be really funny too, I can’t wait for them to see the show.’


All their own work


The cast of students all worked together to create the characters, write the script, the song lyrics and perform the show.


For student Robert, this was his second performance for the primary school. Last year Robert played the popular baddy ‘The Sweety Monster’, and this year he has another surprise for the audience; one that will almost definitely guarantee a laugh!


‘I have loved helping to write a show that could be educational but also lots of fun. I think that it is important to make the children laugh and hopefully think about recycling and the environment in a fun way.’


The students will be putting on a rehearsal tomorrow for their fellow RNC students and staff members before the show next week for the primary school.


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