RNC celebrate A Level results day with 100% pass rate!

Guide dog Wilma (who is off her harness) is rolling around on the floor with her legs up in the air as owner Juan kneels down beside her, smiling as he tickles her belly. They’re in the sports hall before the Celebration of Achievement ceremony starts – lots of rows of chairs can be seen in the background with various students, parents and teachers standing around

We are delighted to report that for the second year in a row The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) has a 100% pass rate for A Levels.


Second year RNC student Josh Robbins from Southampton achieved an ‘A’ grade in his Extended Project A Level and hopes to pursue a career in politics. In March 2015, as part of his course, Josh successfully organised a pre-election hustings debate with the Herefordshire parliamentary candidates. He impressively organised the event, venue, audience and of course secured attendance from Jesse Norman (Conservative), Anna Coda (Labour), Diana Toynbee (Green Party), Jeanie Falconer (Liberal Democrats) and Nigel Ely (UKIP)!


Josh is at the front of the audience at the pre-election hustings debate. He is holding a microphone, leaning over and handing a microphone to Ieuan, who is about to ask a question.

During the pre-election hustings debate, Josh takes a question from Ieuan in the audience

The hustings debate was the first of its kind at RNC and, as well as organising the event, Josh also hosted the debate in front of a live audience of nearly 100 guests.

That evening he said ““I was so nervous before the night. I’ve presented open mic nights at the Chapel before but this was completely different; it was a much more serious affair! I absolutely loved it, there was such a great atmosphere.”




Juan’s I Can campaign poster. Juan smiles as he crouches down to stroke his guide dog Wilma. On the left hand side the words ‘I Can go to university’ are in large print. Below this there is a quote from Juan which reads “My visual impairment will not hold me back. I can experience life to the full at university












Teacher in Charge of Academic Studies, Libby Hudson, says “I am delighted that such a high proportion of our A Level students have got a place at their first choice university.” Second year student Juan Greggor’s journey to university has not been straight forward. In 2010, two weeks before he was due to sit his AS Level exams, he lost vision in his right eye, and already had depleted vision in his left eye. Juan did not have the right provision he needed back home and was told he would never be able to go to university because “blind people cannot write essays”!


Juan came to RNC in November 2013 lacking confidence but with a passion for Psychology. He received the right support, assistance and understanding of his eye condition and was able to be in an environment with peers where he could express himself fully and hone his skills. Earlier this year he was the face of our national I Can awareness campaign, challenging people’s perceptions of disability.

We are delighted that Juan has been accepted into his first choice university; The University of Central Lancashire and will begin his studies in September! Please watch the video below to hear Juan and some of his teachers talking about his journey at RNC;

Read more about Juan’s time at RNC

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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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