The RNC Class of 2015/2016

5 students are in the fitness studio at RNC posing for a ‘fun’ photo where they all jump in the air simultaneously, waving their arms . Left to right, Abi, Tiri, James F, Sophie and Laura W jumping in the air with Willis the Guide Dog, standing beside them and looking on

Every student that walks through the doors of RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) is treated as an individual. No two students will have the same timetable as they are given a mixture of their core subjects, mobility, independent living skills, IT, braille, sport and much more. The one thing that everyone has in common is the fact that everyone has a visual impairment, whether they are classed as blind or partially sighted and whether that sight loss occurred recently or from a young age, everyone is given the support they need to realise their potential.


Earlier this month RNC President the honourable Mrs Jessica White joined our Principal Mark Fisher in presenting our students with their certificates of achievement. There were also a host of special awards, nominated by RNC staff members, given to students in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the last year with the names of the award winners listed below.

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RNC award winners

The Principal’s Award for outstanding contribution to college life goes to… Leggins (aka Laura Eggins)!

“The award goes to a person who always gives 100% in everything that she does. In her time at college we have seen her grow in confidence. She has embraced everything RNC has to offer. A member of our goalball team and cricket team, supporting the registry team with meeting new students, working on the college market stall, taking minutes for the Student Rep group & she was the elected Student Governor.

“She did all of these things and maintained 100% attendance. Her kindness and support to others alongside her sense of humour made her a very popular student.”


The Prince of Wales award for student who has made the most of their programme goes to… Kieran Parnell!

“The reasoning for this award is simple – Kieran is a committed, hard working and motivated young man who decided that his goal was to get to university. After achieving an A grade in A Level Sociology and a Double Distinction* in BTEC Level 3 IT, Kieran Parnell was awarded a scholarship for outstanding achievement to study Computer Science at Cardiff University!”


The award for the student who has made the most progress in personal development goes to… Ewan Waker!

“This young man started at RNC as a shy and quiet student, but nevertheless always polite, hard-working and willing to undertake any task given to him.

He matured and grew in confidence immensely during his time here and in his final year was exemplary in his support, consideration and help towards younger students.

Whilst he has become a confident and self-assured young man, he managed to retain his gentle, kind and courteous manner. He is with good reason, universally popular and well-liked; and is a genuinely deserving winner of this award.”


The award for outstanding contribution to sport goes to… Tom Rogers!

“The winner of this award was an excellent role model to other students, a hard worker and a great ‘all rounder’. He was the youngest ever captain of the RNC cricket team, played partially sighted football and now trains with the GB goalball squad. He was also recognised for having great potential in judo, cycling and sprinting.”


The award for achievement in IT goes to… Liam White!

“The winner of this award came to RNC with a limited knowledge of IT, but worked tremendously hard to develop his knowledge, and had a weekly placement with RNC’s Tech team in his final year. He achieved his Level 2 in IT, before progressing to Level 3, achieving a triple Merit in the Extended Diploma. His funders were so impressed with him that they offered him an apprenticeship with their IT department.

“This person was also a member of the Bar Committee and often helped to organise events in the Bar, and was always supportive of other students. ”


The award for outstanding musical ability goes to… Jenny Louloudis!

“The winner of this award has sung beautifully at the College many times, performing in both English and French. Her confidence with performing increased enormously during her time at RNC, leading to performances in front of staff and students in the Wizard of Oz, RNC’s Xmas Factor and RNC’s Got Talent. She is generous to her peers and has a natural talent for music.”


The Nigel Berry prize for significant progress in Braille goes to… Nathan Bouzidi!

“The winner of this award goes to a young man who took just one term to complete his Level 1 programme. Following this, he was very keen to move onto contracted braille and so began the Level 2 course, and has already completed four of the six volumes.

“He soaks up knowledge like a sponge and applies this to both his reading and writing, skills, he can’t wait to get to his Braille lessons and never likes to miss one! He really has taken to Braille like a ‘duck to water’!”


The award for outstanding progress in mobility goes to… Ben Sheppard!

“This student completed all necessary mobility routes in their 1st year at college. Starting with campus routes, this student progressed quickly, moving onto local routes; bus travel; mobilising in busy, crowded areas and train travel.

Despite experiencing difficulties during one specific train journey, this student remained calm and was able to use the skills learnt to overcome this. They have continued to use their mobility skills since completing their programme and regularly travel off campus on their own.”


The award for outstanding commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh award goes to… Ben Davidson!

“The first of these is for the student who has shown outstanding commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This person is an example to others, quiet and thoughtful young man, who is always willing to go out of his way to support his peers. So much so that he voluntarily offered to attend a Bronze Expedition to support other students and staff. He is a great role model who is totally at home in the great outdoors.”


The Mary Graff award for outstanding literary composition – first runner up goes to… Zizi Temple Nott!

“Our first runner-up wrote a poem title Pantoum’, which was described by the judges as ‘technically faultless’, following stanza patterns with ingenuity and wit. ”


The Mary Graff award for outstanding literary composition – second runner up goes to… Danielle Brewster!

“Our second runner-up wrote a story with a strong premise, which handled the central character with some detail. ”


The Mary Graff award for outstanding literary composition – and the winner is… Mikey Adams!

“Our winner wrote ambitious entry, set in World War One, with an authentic period tone. The piece, entitled Captain Riggs’ is a mature piece, permeated with guilt and a bitter sense of loss, made all the more effective for the visual and auditory detail of the setting.”


We look forward to watching all of our students grow, develop and achieve over the coming year and we will be doing this all again next year!

If you are interested in finding out more about studying with us at RNC, call our student enquiries team on 01432 376 621 or email


Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC



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