RNC Feature on BBC Documentary

Presenter Ian Hamilton is interviewing RNC Principal Mark Fisher are sat outside around a table with the college buildings in the background.

Before Christmas we opened our doors for a BBC documentary crew to film a feature called ‘Am I included?’ which focuses on inclusive education for children with disabilities. The show discusses the difference between mainstream and specialist provision and is presented by BBC presenter and former RNC student Ian Hamilton.

For those people that think specialist schools isolate themselves from the rest of society, our opinion couldn’t be more different. For some of our students who struggled at mainstream, one of the main factors was that they were overly supported by teaching assistants in mainstream and were not given the opportunity to develop as people.

RNC student Thomas, who features in the film, says that an important factor for a specialist college is the peer group “We’re all going through the same thing.” RNC Principal Mark Fisher explains that students build their social confidence here so that they can fully engage with their community when they leave us.

You can watch the full show by selecting the following link to view on BBC iPlayer 



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