RNC – New intro video launches today!

Image taken from the back, showing students sitting in front of a computer screen, watching the video, with a big bowl of popcorn on the side. Left to right – Thomas, Maisy, Emily and Ibz.

At RNC (Royal National College for the Blind) we are incredibly excited to launch our new introduction video! We provide a whole range of academic and vocational courses at RNC but Principal Mark Fisher is keen to stress that “Qualifications on their own are not enough; we need to build the whole person.” The 5 minute video showcases some of the unique selling points RNC has to offer, these include small class sizes (typically no more than 4 students to 1 teacher), mobility and independent living skills, the opportunity to learn braille, an inclusive sports academy and residential accommodation with 24 hour support.


Jess Hall, Residential Manager and Head of Wellbeing Support, adds “The video features a great mix of students with first, second and third years who are at different stages of their RNC journey. Here, we prepare them for their future so that they can achieve independence in all areas of their life, and have the freedom that all young people should have.”


Digital Media Officer Bik Lee says “A lot of people are afraid of public speaking, when you add in a camera crew, bright lights and all the production equipment that makes it ten times more daunting. But our students took that all in their stride and what comes across really strongly throughout the video is the student voice; their confidence shines through.” 17 year old Charlotte Milburn from County Durham says “I really enjoyed filming and I was happy to be asked to promote the college by sharing my experiences with potential students. Watching the video back I was tearing up at the end!” The last scene of the video shows Charlotte saying “I can honestly say it’s the best decision I have ever made.”


Watch the RNC intro video;

RNC Student Recruitment Manager Tim Broome says “There are so many unique things about RNC and we’ve tried to capture a lot of that in the video. But it’s only an introduction and by far the best way to experience RNC is to come for a tour!”

We welcome visitors to the College for campus tours Monday to Friday during term time – please call our friendly student enquiries team on 01432 376 621 to book your tour or email info@rnc.ac.uk
Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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