RNC students do the honours at the re-opening of Co-op store

Maisy stands in front of a big balloon arch, outside the Co-op store holding a pair of scissors over a ribbon, Lewis is to her left with RNC Mobility and Independence Teacher Mary Russell. There are also several members of Co-op staff and RNC Principal Sheila Tallon, holding the ribbon

Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) students Maisy and Lewis were thrilled to be asked to do the honours of cutting the ribbon at the re-opening of the refurbished Co-op store on College Road, Hereford.


On the day, RNC students and staff were given a tour of the new store to familiarise themselves with the new layout, before being handed a hamper of luxury Co-op foods. RNC Principal Sheila Tallon thanks the staff for their time and care in showing our students around the store and was impressed by “A local Co-op shop genuinely engaging with the diversity in their community.”


Nathan Heighway, Manager of the Co-op store said “We are delighted to have made such a significant investment in Hereford to provide the community with everything they need for convenient food shopping. Asking RNC students to open the store seemed like the obvious choice, we are located just down the road from the College and their students are always in our store; we are happy to open up a more accessible store for them and wider members of the community.”


Following a £275,000 transformation of the store to create a new shopping experience for the community, RNC Mobility and Independence Teacher Sue Bridgeland commented “Improvements to the Co-op will make a difference to the shopping experience of our visually impaired (VI) students. There is VI friendly lighting, wider aisles for when you are being guided and well organised and displayed stock.”


Maisy, a first year student at RNC said she was super excited to do the opening “I’ve never done anything like this before so didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit nervous about the thought of using scissors but they were massive green, foam comedy scissors which made me giggle.”  Nathan at the Co-op also kindly provided Maisy and Lewis with store vouchers, Maisy joked “I’ll try not to spend all the money on cans of cola!”


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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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