RNC students Invited to do the honours at the opening of the new Waitrose store in Hereford

RNC Principal Sheila Tallon stands with students Imi, Rosie and Juan, Waitrose Branch Manager Peter Falcini and Guide Dogs Laila and Wilma outside the Waitrose store. There is a long green ribbon in front of them and Imi is holding the scissors, about to cut it

At the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), we were honoured to be invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of the new Hereford branch of Waitrose this morning. Imi Godwin, accompanied by fellow students Juan Greggor and Rosie Howell, did the honours as Principal Sheila Tallon and Store Manager Peter Falcini looked on.


Managers from the new branch visited RNC a few weeks ago to volunteer in our garden and helped to transform the area with their efforts. They also learned about braille, took part in some blind football and undertook sighted guide training. Visit our Facebook page to view the Waitrose gallery


Sheila said “I hope the Waitrose team will be as proud as we are at RNC to be based in this lovely city. A number of our students have worked in a branch of Waitrose in their home area so we know that this is a company which recognises the contributions of people with a visual impairment and does not see disability as a barrier to success. We were hugely impressed by the way the Waitrose team got stuck in as volunteers for the day, and how they engaged with our students. We are looking forward to working alongside them in the future and have been delighted to be part of this exciting day.”


Imi certainly enjoyed her day as she blogged “This morning I cut the ribbon to open the new Waitrose in Hereford! We then enjoyed some nice coffee and cakes whilst meeting very enthusiastic Waitrose employees. Standard Thursday morning.”

Read Imi’s personal viewpoint of her day at Waitrose in her blog Upside Down Chronicles


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Article written by Bik Lee, Digital Media Officer at RNC


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