Snazzy kits and a debut = Goldz galore!

Left to right: Hanif, Brad, Callum and Kyla pose for a team photo on the edge of the Goalball court wearing their brand new RNC Sports Academy kits with gold medals around their necks, beside proud coach Aaron Ford

Novice Goalball tournament report- 6/12/14 by RNC student M.H.K (Hanif)


“So, I think that we are going to win the first game 1-0. What do you predict Brad?”


It was an interesting tournament. If I said anything else I would be telling a fib. The only horrible thing was the 2 hour ride to Reading. The RNC knights were prepared again to go onto the court chivalrously.  The team had physically and psychologically prepared well. The RNC legion consisted of Callum (the crusher), Brad (the RNC rock), Kyla (the annihilator) and me. The question was; would we live up to our coach’s dream?


After the photo shoots, we started our warm up. The first game was against New College Worcester. What a game it was. As our coach said, “we annihilated them 10-0”. Despite sluggish starts in our other games, we destroyed all the other teams. RNC won all of the 5 games in the tournament. We had to play NCW again in the final. Although there were not as many goals, we still won. “As long as you can defend well, you do not have to score a lot of goals” said our coach, Aaron Ford.


Brad the rock showed us why we call him the rock. The way I see it, his defence was excellent. His courage and commitment to be impenetrable helped us on court. He also scored some outstanding goals.  Callum’s shooting was phenomenal. He scored 13 goals in his first ever tournament. His mastery of the fundamentals in less than 3 months is breath taking. From 0 to 5, Kyla’s accuracy and confidence has improved outstandingly.


It is an honour to win a gold medal. The effort of our coach has paid off. We are absolutely grateful for your coaching and your words of wisdom. This is the start. It is possible that future of the RNC team is bright.


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