Student Ambassadors – supporting college students

Group of blind and partially sighted pupils walking down the hub ramp at the Royal National College for the Blind

Nervous about starting college? Student ambassadors are here to help

Starting anything new can be a daunting and difficult experience. Moving away from home to a new town, whilst starting a new course can result in lots of questions.

Will I fit in? Am I going to make any friends? How will I know where to go? Will there be anyone to help me if something goes wrong?

That’s where RNC student ambassadors come in. Having someone who has been there and knows exactly what you are going through can really help, with many ambassadors having specialist personal experience skills.

Student ambassador and second year student Matt is studying a level 3 Diploma in Business having completed the ASPIRE programme in his first year.

‘I was really happy to be chosen to be a student ambassador. I really enjoy it here and want to make sure other people do to. When I first started my older brother was a student here so I always had someone I could ask questions to. I think it’s important to be able to ask a silly question when you are not sure or if you have forgotten something simple.’

Student ambassadors are trained to deal with a range of issues that they may encounter including but not exclusive to safeguarding, exam stress, homesickness, finding new friends and engaging with other students ensuring they settle in as quickly as possible.

If you want to know more about life at RNC, watch our video


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