Tandem cycling; a fun way to get fit and a sport for life.

Blind student with a tandem bike

Here at The Royal National College for the Blind, we encourage a healthy well-being but also understand that not everyone is “sporty”. The tandem cycling club is a college leisure and learning activity that can cater for everybody, whatever their ability.


RNC tutor Jim Wallis leads on the tandem cycling: ‘it’s a great activity for our students. It’s a low-impact exercise, so it’s easier on your joints than running or other aerobic activities, but it still helps you get into shape.’


‘Students also grow in confidence and self-esteem, they enjoy the sense of achievement and there is a lot of social interaction with volunteers and other cyclists and, we make sure they have a lot fun.’


Student Yash, has been taking part in the club since he started at the College. ‘I had never been on a bike until I came to RNC, I love it now. I still get a little nervous when I sit on the saddle but its exciting when we pick up speed and start to go fast. The feeling is a little strange but I enjoy it a lot.’


Jim hopes the club will continue to encourage students that have never been on bike to give it a go, but also give students an opportunity to participate in a Paralympic sport.


‘We have been working closely with GB Para Cycling who are able to come in to train and talent spot our students; that’s an amazing opportunity. If our students are into sports and fitness then cycling has a great pathway for them.’


Last year a number students form the tandem cycling club attended the School Games to compete in Para Cycling. This proved a successful event with a number students finishing on the podium including Ibz, who won gold in both the 400m sprints & the 20K race.


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